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  • Apple HomePod released!

    Apple is usually always behind on innovation or current trends in technology. The iPhone is a classic example of that, since it always got trendy features in the year after they were present on […]

  • Beware of this Mac and iOS bug!

    It feels like every couple of months, news arises for some nasty bug or flaw that haunts devices we use every day. I know, everything that has hardware and software inside is prone to […]

  • The best free iPhone games of 2018!

    We’re already in the second month of 2018, and up until now we already saw many new interesting things to spice it up. CES 2018 just went by, and for smartphone fans like us, […]

  • Top 3 features in iOS 11.3!

    Apple is one of the few companies that is committed to their users and always updating their devices. Their operating system, iOS, is packed with useful features that many iPhone users like. In the […]

  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) announced!

    Samsung is still the number one manufacturer of smartphones today. It is spread in all aspects and price ranges, giving consumers a wide choice if they want to go with their name in the […]